Sophisticated proprietary algorithm, built to create accurate BUY and SELL signals, 

on-demand, on any market.  Built on the TradingView platform.

For the trader


90% of traders fail due to inexperience, emotions, and market noise. Traders will often add numerous amounts of indicators, overcomplicating the trading process. Traders need a system that works, on any device, anywhere.


Our proprietary algorithm uses a multitude of condition factors and complex quantitative analysis to create accurate buy and sell signals. Trade Stock, Forex, and Cryptocurrency using Spice Algo. You never have to worry about emotions taking control of the trades.


We dedicate most time to prepping traders into seasoned veterans. Provided group learning lessons twice a week, 1-on-1 mentorship, and an extensive education platform built within our Discord Community.


Create secondary income

Most people do not have the ample time to research stocks, or time to actively look at charts. We allow every day people to find the trends of their favorite stocks, producing meaningful secondary income.

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